Cadre Software came about as a result of a simple question!

How do you relate one item to another item?


That would seem like a simple question that would have a simple answer. Until you ask the next question.

What is an item?

For the next few months a concept started to form that allowed us to define what an item was and how it can relate to other similar items or completely different items.

The concept became a unique Data Storage and Retrieval system. With it we could define this new item and use it right away. After that it was simple to build a relationship to another item, all without ever touching a database. As most Items in the universe are related to something else, it only took a while to take this new concept and build applications.

Our first attempt did not fly, so we decided to try something different, something simple. We would build an organization chart. This is very relational and has similar as well as different items. The result is what we affectionately call REMI. Check our product page for more information on REMI.

As for our name CADRE Software, Merriam-Webster defines CADRE broadly as: “a group of people having some unifying relationship”

We are using our tools to build a unifying relationship through organizations whatever they look like!