Create Efficiency Within Your Organization

REMI is an online, web based position management system for any company, non-profit organization or social group. If there are people in any type of organization, REMI will manage them. Built around our proprietary GOFER relationship management system and secured with multiple levels of data encryption.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

It is hosted by us so there is no added system or software maintenance for you.

Strategic User Interface

The interface is position (title) based so you can build your whole organization without assigning any people to these positions.

Human Resource Platform

Human Resources system has its own file system for storing documentation on each employee for easy access. ie. Tax forms, resumes, Job application etc. Scan, upload and store online. No more need for file cabinets.

File Storage / Sharing

Each position has a file storage / sharing area. There are 4 unique folders: position private, position public, group private and group public.

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Solving major problems within today’s organizations with three simple words;
Who, What & Where.

Remi is the solution to these three everyday questions. It allows your employees to be more efficient while saving your organization valuable time and money.


Stop asking the questions, who works for you? Who do you report to? Who is in your organization? Or, who do I contact?

With Remi, you’re full organization is laid out right in front of you. Designed with you in mind, we’ve created multiple features to find your “WHO”.

  • Use our search feature to locate an employee instantly.
  • Our organization chart layers your employees based on departments and employee levels. You’ll see everyone who works in your department, or be able to view who you report to.
  • Create Quick Links for employee/department profiles you regularly visit
  • Employee photos allows quick recognition when meeting in-person.
  • Employee contact information are included on employee profiles.
    • Phone Number
    • Email
    • Department/Job Title

Straightforward Search Capabilities

We’ve created Remi to be user-friendly for all tech-knowledge users. A clean design combined with simple search features equals a powerful resource.


Remi was designed with the thought you being on the move. Don’t just use it on your computer, access Remi on your tablet and phone to help you locate someone in person.


Members of your organization are no longer left asking the question of “What?”

  • What are my assigned contacts for this project?
  • What are my day to day duties?
  • What assets am I assigned within the company?
  • What are my tasks?

Your assets and employees are now given a space to share ideas, projects, collaborate, track their tasks and assets.

File Sharing

The capabilities are endless! You can house frequently requested documents or house project files between teams. Or, you can upload important paperwork to a secure private folder for quick access.


Never feel like you’re unaware of project progress. Having a solid platform to collaborate and house project essentials creates an environment for success. Know where you are and what are the next steps.


No more questions of “where is that?”
Where does the new employee sit?
Where is that conference room?
Where is the IT department?
Where is the Denver branch office?

With building and office manager you know where everything is.


Office information includes an office name, building name, floor and location. This also shows as occupied to the building manager and whether it is active to be utilized.


Building information includes the address as well as Timezone and Daylight Savings Time settings for local time calculations. Is also has an active flag to allow you to define it, but not make it usable yet